Book Club

Welcome to the Aarden Press Book Club Program!

This program is our way of saying thanks for supporting undiscovered authors and publishing. There is no cost to join, simply fill out the application below and enjoy the benefits!

FREE Benefits:

  1. 10% off purchases of 5 to 9 copies of the same book in the same format.1
  2. 15% off purchases of 10 to 19 copies of the same book in the same format.1
  3. 20% off purchases of 20 or more copies of the same book in the same.1
  4. FREE private forum and book club page for your club.2

1. Some restrictions and exclusions may apply.

2. Optional.


Application for Book Club Account

REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION (Authorized Representative)



1. Must be a book club, either officially or unofficially organized.
2. Must be located in the United States.
3. Representative making the purchase must be 18 years or older.


The Aarden Press Book Club Program is intended and available only to legitimate book clubs. Any use of this program for profit or personal gain is strictly prohibited. Such behavior is deemed as fraud and is punishible by law.

Aarden Press reserves the right to deny approval, change the terms, or suspend the program or approval without any explantion or notice.